Assam Roofing Limited

Fibre Cement Corrugated Sheets

"RHINO" FIBRE CEMENT CORRUGATED SHEETS are manufactured from a homogeneous mixture of specially blended mineral fibres and portland cement.
ASBESTOS is a unique material - by far the most important naturally occuring fibre, having great tensile strength, in some cases higher in comparison to steel wires. Addition of asbestos fibre to cement imparts great flexural properties, just as steel provides in case of R.C.C., making the product most versatile and ideal building material.

"RHINO" FIBRE CEMENT CORRUGATED SHEETS are made by the latest technology of vacuum corrugation at a most modern and sophisticated automatic plant.

With their penchant for quality, Assam Asbestos Ltd takes great care to maitain high quality in all their products.
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